5 Zone Heated Vest


Forget bulky outerwear jackets and excessive layers of clothing, the Power Hunt Vest lets you select your desired temperature for all day comfort and warmth. Lightweight micro-thin carbon fiber elements originally designed for the aerospace industry provide heat without the bulk and stiffness found in other heated vest designs.

  • Micro-thin carbon fiber elements heat 5 zones to eliminate cold spots and deliver unparalleled warmth
  • Powerful 6000 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery pack provides up to 16 hours of continuous heat on a single charge
  • Build-in temperature control unit lets you choose from 5 heat settings ranging from 95°F to 135°F
  • Wind resistant outer shell will keep you comfortable in harsh conditions and the lightweight design makes the vest suitable for every day wear
  • Two zippered hand a Napoleon chest pocket provide convenience and storage for cell phones, wallets or other items

Battery: High Capacity Lithium-Polymer 7.4V (6000mAh)
Heating Zones: 4 Front, 1 Rear
Heating Time: 21 hours (low heat setting) - 6 hours (highest heat setting)
Battery Charger: Input - 110V AC, Output - 8.4V DC (1000mAh)
Color: Navy
Available Sizes Mens - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Womens - Small Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXXL

  • 5 Zone Heated Vest - [ PNP-220 ]
  • Download User Manual
  • High Capacity Lithium-Polymer 7.4V (6000mAh)
  • Battery Charger - 110V AC

Additional High Capacity Heated Clothing Battery

  • High Capacity 6000 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery pack provides significantly increased operating duration over standard heated clothing batteries
  • Powerful 20 Watt output
  • Build-in temperature control unit lets you choose from 5 heat settings
  • A direct replacement for all integrated temperature control heated clothing batteries with 2.5mm input/output jacks
  • Includes battery charger with indicator light