Sandwich Maker


Starter Kit available with required power port:
Sandwich Maker Starter Kit includes Power Port

If you are looking for a versatile sandwich maker, you can stop here. Our powerful product melts cheese, crisps bread and makes hot sandwiches in minutes. The design even lets you pour in muffin mix and make "mini-muffins".

  • Powerful 40 amp heating elements are capable of producing cooking temperatures up to 375°F
  • Grills two panini style sandwiches in as little as 3 minutes, also great for pizza pockets, egg rolls and French toast
  • Quality non-stick cooking surface; lightweight design and rugged construction make travel and storage easy
  • Requires PNP power port or PNP power strip(sold separately)

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Voltage: 12 Volts DC
Power Rating: 40 Amps/up to 550 Watts
Dimensions: 10.24 x 9.06 x 4.53inches (260 x 230 x 115mm) WxDxH
Weight: 4.49lbs (2.04kgs)

Bamboo Utensil Kit

  • Strong and earth friendly bamboo made to last. Easy to clean.
  • Includes knife, fork, spatula, cutting broad and cleaning tools in a strong and handy carrying bag.

Disposable Cleaning Kit

  • Disposable tray and cleaning products to help keep your cooking utensils clean and neat.
  • Convenient plastic bag prevents spillage from discarded cleaning products.

Mobile Pack

  • Independent power source that requires no wiring and gives you the freedom to use your Power Hunt 12 volt appliances anywhere anytime.
  • Recharged by a cigarette lighter/accessory socket or the included 110/230V AC trickle charger.
  • Cook and Charge the battery at the same time.