Advantage on PowerHunt® Products

Safe       Durable        High Efficiency        High Mobility        Low Investment        Comparison

No Electric Shock or Hazard to be concerned about

12 Volts DC is perfectly safe. Eliminate the danger of high voltage shocks that can occur if AC products get wet or short out.

Durable Construction Especially Designed for Travel and Other Harsh Environments
Inverters generate excess heat that can cause electronic parts to fail prematurely. Inverters must use home appliances that are not designed for such usage and cannot stand up to the abuses of travel, trucking, camping, or boating.

100% Efficiency on Battery Power used for cooking or heating
Inverter wastes up to 40% or 1000 Watts of battery power during electric conversion. This wasted power is converted to heat that affects internal electronics. If used inside vehicle during warm weather, inverters require additional air conditioning to cool the vehicle. PowerHunts 100% efficiency wastes no power and produces no unwanted heat.

Additional Freedom by using our Mobile Pack for a Free World Traveling
Absolutely NO wiring required with our Mobile Pack. High output battery operates all PowerHunt appliances completely independent of any outside power source. Plugs into cigarette lighter to recharge.

Low Initial Investment. Save over $200 by using PowerHunt Products instead of an inverter
A quality inverter, wiring, and cookware can cost over $400. A complete PowerHunt system with grill and coffee pot is less than $180.